Publisher’s Note

By: Richard Lewis  |   January 20th, 2019

Richard Lewis - Publisher

Publisher’s Note

Who’s Who in Trinidad and Tobago Business 2018 – 2019 is here again and has been undergoing a few design changes to modernise the look and keep with the trend of transforming the publication into one which will have a wider appeal to both readers and advertisers, as well as being able to deepen the digital presence over the next two years to allow advertisers to reach a bigger and more focused international audience.

I would not want to announce any of the new services that we hope will become available in the next 12 months to our loyal customers through use of these new digital offerings. We will certainly keep our users and our customers advised of the new developments as they are launched.

This publication has continued to lead the field of regional publications when it comes to promoting the concept of “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.” In a nutshell, the personal contacts developed in the world of business are of little value, if you do not have powerful networking strategies to make these contacts work for you and your business.

How do we grow the Human Social Capital value of our Frontline Directors and Managers in a positive way, that will influence success at the Management Team level, Director level and the level of the Brand?

I thought that it would be worthwhile sharing a recent insight that I experienced in some existing edge publications that relates to branding of the leadership team and how we communicate this to the customers.

Leadership development comes in a number of guises but normally only focuses on individual leadership, only allowing them to demonstrate this persuasive leadership INSIDE the organisation.

Leadership Team Branding, however, is a new approach that focuses on building group leadership skills within an organisation, and the impact those skills have OUTSIDE the organisation, specifically on the CUSTOMER.

Leadership Branding therefore, encourages Leaders to see themselves as an integral and vital component of the overall customer offering. A Leadership Brand promise is therefore, a clear statement of what the collective leadership wants to be known for and experienced by the customers.

All of our customers in this prestigious publication are leaders in themselves and within the companies they represent, so there is real reinforcement that there must be more channels to communicate the leadership team branding promise. Who’s Who in Trinidad and Tobago Business portrays only leadership Brands and the collective leadership needed to fulfil the brand promise of these companies.

I suggest that all users of this publication grow from their own leadership team branding strategies and benefit from the experience that will move people to know you more than you know them. 

Enjoy the publication. It took a lot of hard work from employees and customers alike, so I cannot close without my sincere thanks.

Remember to live the statement, “Promise reality but deliver a dream.”