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Why and when was the TTMA created?

The Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers’ Association was founded in 1956 by eight visionaries in the hope of keeping the wheels of industry turning. This group of entrepreneurs recognized the need for a unifying organization. The TTMA was therefore developed for the specific purpose of promoting local industry.

In 1956 the newly established TTMA sought to take advantage of the new industrialization policies instituted by the Government through its implementing agency, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). Today, the TTMA has become an integral part of Trinidad and Tobago’s Manufacturing Sector and is dedicated to the development and promotion of local industries.


What are the TTMA’s main responsibilities?

The TTMA promotes, encourages and assists the growth and development of manufacturing industries in Trinidad and Tobago. The TTMA also acts as a representative for industries in dealing with Government and in the monitoring of legislation affecting manufacturers. The TTMA is also responsible for the generation of market expansion both regionally and internationally through the mounting of local, regional and international trade fairs, exhibitions and foreign trade missions.

The TTMA promotes the use of modern methods of manufacturing and education for all of its members. The TTMA also focuses on assisting local manufacturers in the maintenance of required standards of safety, labour relations, wages and benefits, communications, public relations and advertising. Moreover, the TTMA provides assistance in the field of securing markets for both raw materials and finished products as well as in the sourcing of investment partners for members.



To be the voice of manufacturers in Trinidad and Tobago, creating value and providing world class service to our membership.



Increasing the value and growth of the Manufacturing sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Executive Team

Mr. Christopher Alcazar PRESIDENT

Mr. Christopher Alcazar


Franka Costelloe First Vice President

Franka Costelloe

First Vice President

Mikaeel Mohammed Second Vice President

Mikaeel Mohammed

Second Vice President

Gary Awai Director

Gary Awai


John De Silva Director

John De Silva


Anthony Farah Director

Anthony Farah


Philippe Agostini Director

Philippe Agostini


George Naime Director

George Naime


Patricio Torres Director

Patricio Torres


Ian Mitchell Director

Ian Mitchell


Ryan Lewis Director

Ryan Lewis


Rodney Cowan Director

Rodney Cowan


Tricia Coosal Director

Tricia Coosal


Dale Parson Director

Dale Parson


Colin S. Sabga Corporate Secretary

Colin S. Sabga

Corporate Secretary