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The Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company Limited (TTFZ)

Banking, Investment and Financial Services

The Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company Limited (TTFZ) was incorporated to administer the Free Zones Programme, under the provisions of the Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Act 1988.

The Free Zones Programme of Trinidad and Tobago Aims to attract both foreign and local investors in the non-oil and gas sector, to set up manufacturing, international trading and services type operations, under the free zones programme. These projects must be dedicated to exports, the encouraging and facilitation of new investments, the creation of job, the generating of foreign exchange earnings and the deepening of the technology base of Trinidad and Tobago.

An approved enterprise engaged in exporting from a free zone to a territory other than the customs territory will be exempt from import and export licencing, corporation tax, business levy, withholding tax or any other tax or levy, on sales, receipts, profits or gains in respect of those exports. Additionally, free zone enterprises enjoy a host of other benefits including, but not limited to, import duty concessions and swift work permit processing.

The Trinidad and Tobago Free Zones Company Limited (TTFZ) is committed to its mandate of diversification of our national economy and has aligned itself to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago’s pillars of sustainable development. In this regard, we stand ready to provide unwavering support to all investors.