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EPL Properties Limited, a subsidiary of Eastern Credit Union, is a duly registered company which has been in existence since November 2002. Initially, its core functions were to operate all the ancillary business operations of Eastern Credit Union.

Today, the subsidiary continues to carry out its original mandate, but has been expanded to include venue rentals, facilities management, as well as the operation of the La Joya Sporting Complex.


At EPL Properties Limited our Vision is to optimize the profitability of all business units while upholding the highest principles of ethical behavior and transparency in all areas of operations. We will inspire our employees to strive for greatness and excellence in the performance of their duties.


To be an elite provider of Property Management, Facilities Management and Maintenance, Janitorial, Events Management and Health & Fitness services within the Co-operative sector, Financial Institutions, Government Departments and private sector; through leveraging our competency and experience in these areas, and by providing superior product/service offering.


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Team Work
  • Transparency in all undertakings
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Respect for all
  • Superior Customer Service


The Company’s Management Structure is a combination of the Line and Functional types. The Line Structure allows authority to flow from the Directors down to the
Managers and Officers and their subordinates. The positions and tasks of each level relate to those above and below. This part of the structure allows discipline to be maintained and control to be easily exercised. As the Line structure is rigid, a functional structure has also been established to ensure growth and efficiency.

The Functional part of the structure allows managers to make decisions and enforce directives within their scope of authority. This, in turn, enhances the operational efficiency of the Company and improves the quality of the services provided.


The entire workforce totals 69 employees (as of 08.12.19). It is made up of the following:

8 Directors
1 Chief Operating Officer (Interim)
1 HR Officer (Supervisor)
1 Sporting Complex Administrator (Supervisor)
1 Business Development and Marketing Manager
1 Facilities Manager
4 Administrative Assistants
2 Accounting Officers
31 Custodians
2 Trainers (Interim)
1 Sporting Complex Coordinator
1 Maintenance Supervisor
1 Custodial Supervisor
11 Maintenance Technicians
3 Front Desk Receptionist
4 Swimming Instructors
1 Finance, and Accounting Manager
1 Executive Assistant
2 Events Coordinators

Additionally, we also engage with several independent contractors, to address the workload.


Charles Mitchell Chief Operating Officer (Interim) 2019
Ayana St. Louis Accounts Manager 2011-Present
Acacia de Verteuil Business Development & Marketing Manager 2016-Present
Garvin Toussaint Facilities Manager 2017-Present



Charles Mitchell Chief Operating Officer (Interim) 2019
Ayana St. Louis Accounts Manager 2011-Present
Acacia de Verteuil Business Development & Marketing Manager 2016-Present
Garvin Toussaint Facilities Manager 2017-Present


EPL is comprised of five (5) revenue-generating business units:
Events Management Unit
Sporting Complex
Property Rentals, both commercial and residential
Custodial Services
Executive Suites (Short-term stays)


The facility is ideally located along the east/west corridor, making it an attractive location to host events. Currently, the Events unit has the following venues available for rental:

  • Eric Williams Auditorium – La Joya
  • Ed Garcia Gymnasium & Poolside – La Joya
  • Courtyard of the Artisans – La Joya
  • EPL Multimedia Boardroom
  • The EPL Garden Gazebo

The Events Management Unit, historically, has been responsible for booking events that are held at our various venues. The Unit is solely responsible for the booking and use of EPL’s venues, and arrange with third party suppliers to provide, if necessary, various accoutrements.

The unit has partnered with ECU, a media firm, a decorator and a caterer, to offer a wider range of service to clients. This upgraded package will soon include photography/videography and music. The unit is currently equipped to provide the following services:

  • Provision of venues to host special events
  • Provision of other services including:
    • Provision of tents
    • Provision of chairs and tables


The Sporting Complex is a unique, one-of-a-kind facility in Trinidad & Tobago. The uniqueness of the facility hinges on the fact that it is the only facility in the country that is equipped to provide the range of health and fitness activities that it offers. There is currently no other gym or facility that is equipped to do same.

The sporting complex provides the following activities:

  • Weight lifting
  • Cardio
  • Aerobics
  • Aqua aerobics
  • Aqua therapy
  • Spin
  • Cross Fit training
  • Zumba
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton


This department’s overall responsibilities include:

  • Managing all facility-related issues within the EPL portfolio.
  • Management of service contracts for Eastern Credit Union and EPL tenants.

Custodial care of a financial institution is regarded as a high-security and sensitive task, which the company has managed since inception. The Facilities Department also lends support to the other business units within the organization. This department provides support for both the Events unit as well as the Sporting Complex Unit. The Facilities Department is also responsible for monitoring the performance of service contracts for compliance, as well as coordinating all maintenance works required by all stakeholders.


The main client of EPL Properties Limited, is the Eastern Credit Union Cooperative Society Limited. EPL Properties Limited manages the custodial and facilities of all the branches under the ECU gamut. Additionally, the Events Unit manages all events hosted in the facilities. These events are frequented by both private citizens, Governmental Agencies, Ministries and Corporations.

Charles Mitchell Chief Operational Officer (Interim)

Charles Mitchell

Chief Operational Officer (Interim)

Acacia de Verteuil Business Development and Marketing Manager

Acacia de Verteuil

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Ayana St Louis Accounts Manager

Ayana St Louis

Accounts Manager

Garvin Toussaint Facilities Manager

Garvin Toussaint

Facilities Manager