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Banking, Investment and Financial Services

Funds International Limited is registered with the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (under the Securities Industry Act 1995) as licensed Investment Advisers.
We provide financial and investment consultancy, as well as portfolio management services, to high net worth and corporate clients, both locally and regionally. We have also developed a pension administration software package for the administration of pension plans.

About Investing

Investing one’s money is generally a matter of weighing three factors: risk, return and time.

Risk is a way to describe the fluctuations (or volatility) in the rate of return and the degree to which the rate of return will go up or down.

Return is the earnings and gains on one’s capital over a measured period of time.

Time is the length of time an investor plans to maintain an investment, and it helps to evaluate the appropriateness of an investment’s level of risk and return.

Finally, an investor should look at diversification as part of his or her investment strategy. This will include investments across a spectrum of asset classes (i.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), domiciled both locally and internationally, and in varying currencies.


To create wealth for our clients by providing solutions to their financial goals through our wide range of products and services in an atmosphere of trust, confidentiality and professionalism.

K. Michael Daniell - Chairman

K. Michael Daniell


Stephen A. Singh - Corporate Secretary

Stephen A. Singh

Corporate Secretary

Eric A. Adams - Executive Director

Eric A. Adams

Executive Director