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Company Details

Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Unlimited (TOFCO)

Trinidad Offshore Fabrication Unlimited (TOFCO) is a joint venture company formed in 2003 by Weldfab Limited of Claxton Bay, Trinidad and Chet Morrison Contractors Inc. of Houma, Louisiana, USA.

TOFCO is a leading provider of fabrication, construction and offshore services for platforms and facilities servicing the oil and gas industry. TOFCO's success can be attributed to world class quality, its level of professional and technical skills, its valuable resources and the high value it places on its provision of a safe and secure working environment utilizing local content.

The company operates from its permanently established facility located on a 36 acre site at the Labidco Industrial Estate, La Brea. It has recently expanded its operations to include offshore services and drilling maintenance. To date several projects have been completed for prestigious clients such as bpTT, EOG and BG Trinidad.

TOFCO's motto "Be Your Brother's Keeper" is not just a slogan but a culture. The organization believes in equal opportunity and fair competition. It has become an international competitor in the fabrication and construction sector through technical excellence and innovation. We stand committed to working safe, within budget and in a timely manner.

• 20 Acre Waterfront facility
• 17 Acre Laydown area
• 600 feet bulkhead
• 40 feet water depth at dock
• Unlimited navigational clearance
• 24-hour scheduling capacity
• 2,000 p.s.f. natural ground bearing capacity 

Contact Details

Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Unlimited (TOFCO)

Address: c/o LABIDCO Industrial Estate, New Jersey, Brighton, La Brea, Trinidad
Tel: (868) 651-0006
Fax: (868) 651-1001
Email: info@tofcott.com

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