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The National Training Agency (NTA)

The National Training Agency (NTA) was established in 1999, to serve as the single national training agency with full responsibility and legal authority for planning, coordinating and administering the National Training System. The NTA operates under the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills training (MTEST) and its role is to ensure that T&T has a workforce that is certified, competent, innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial, and capable of contributing to the continued development of T&T.

The context of the work of the NTA is National/Regional and International and is about people development, and the recognition of the role of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and life-long learning in the social, economic and cultural development of the country. The focus is an outcome-based approach with emphasis on 'skills development'. The NTA is the awarding body for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ).The CVQ system follows the philosophy of Competency-based Education and Training (CBET) which, as its name suggests, is a philosophy that hinges learning on the individual's ability to carry out well-defined activities as set out in Standards. Through a well-trained, certified and competent workforce, Trinidad and Tobago can achieve the goals of increased economic competitiveness, which will impact productivity levels leading to sustainable development and economic growth.

The NTA has a responsibility for Standards Development and Quality Assurance in TVET through a system of monitoring and evaluation. This is achieved by a set of coherent quality indicators which include input process, output and outcomes measures. The list of indicators represents best practice in TVET, to assess the quality of the TVET System in terms of the:




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