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About Development Consulting Center

Development Consulting Center Ltd (DCC) was founded in 1997 on the belief that all human beings have the intrinsic ability (and desire) to learn and thereby change. One of its core beliefs is that human capital is the greatest asset that any organisation has at its disposal, and the development of this asset is necessary for the long-term success of the firm. Furthermore, we believe that Human Resource Development alone cannot create the levels of success and transformation/metamorphosis that organisations seek after and need.

For the results of HR developmental initiatives/interventions to be effective and sustained, there must be a holistic approach to the organisation. All levels of the firm must be aligned with its mission and vision i.e. Personal, Interpersonal, Leadership/Managerial and Organisational.

DCC has international client base that spans all major sectors: Service, Education, Co-operative, Finance, Security, Government, Manufacturing, NGO‟s, Energy, Health Care, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies such as: 3M, Pepsi Co., Alcoa, Coco-Cola, Fluor and Bristol Myers Squib. As a much sought-after consulting firm, DCC continues to support its clients through interventions and programs that are designed to catalyse the realisation of their goals and objectives.