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About The Accreditation Council

The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) is a statutory body established by Chapter 39:06 as the principal body in Trinidad and Tobago responsible for the quality assurance of post secondary and tertiary level institutions, programmes and awards. The Act creating the Council was proclaimed in 2004, and the organisation was launched in November 2005. The council currently operates three (3) offices. Its head office is located in Port of Spain, with sub offices in San Fernando and Tobago. ACTT’s key functions include: Conferment of institutional title Registration and re-registration of higher education institutions Accreditation and re-accreditation of higher education institutions and programmes Recognition of foreign qualifications and awarding bodies Programme Approval Promotion of quality enhancement and quality assurance in tertiary education. Governed by a Board of Directors and staffed by a cadre of highly skilled professionals, ACTT is a key player in the development of the quality tertiary education sector in Trinidad and Tobago. ACTT assures the quality and integrity of higher education through the registration, recognition and accreditation of institutions and programmes. Since its launch, ACTT has: registered 88 institutions of which 67 are registered or accredited registered 1 local awarding body recognised 18 foreign awarding bodies/institutions recognised approximately 376 transnational programmes issued 9,116 Statements on Recognition approved 162 locally developed higher education programmes accredited 8 institutions 5 institutions currently holding the status of candidate for accreditation


To assure the quality and integrity of higher education primarily through recognition, registration and accreditation as well as public education and related activities, while ensuring the efficiency