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About Business & People Development Associates Limited

BPD gets to know you and facilitates a meaningful conversation. We build a platform that enables you to see with fresh eyes what is valuable, what needs to be taken forward, and what can be left behind. Together we ignite passion and deliver sustainable profitability and amazing business and personal results. Our services incorporate change management principles, coaching and practical, easy-to-implement tools and techniques. How we can serve you: • Align your people and processes to increase your profits by implementing your strategic plan • Develop your supervisors and managers into effective and results-focused leaders • Coach your team members to deliver stretching company objectives • Develop you to become a high-performing manager and leader • Implement sustainable cost management strategies that your employees willingly execute • Provide a non-Executive Director service that will keep you focused on the right areas and challenge you to deliver your desired results • Provide the support, guidance and challenge for you to transition smoothly from employee to successful entrepreneur


To provide business and people development products and services to increase the success rate financial strength and passion of business and entrepreneurs across the globe.