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About invesTT

InvesTT is Trinidad and Tobago’s investment promotion agency aligned to the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications. Established in 2012, we are the first point of contact for investors seeking investment opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago.
There are several reasons why investors choose Trinidad and Tobago for new investments or expansion of operations. The country is ranked #1 for Cost Effectiveness in the Caribbean and Central America (fDi Intelligence, 2013) and boasts of a strategic location below the hurricane belt, which augers well for bulk trans-shipment, fewer business disruptions and uninterrupted power. Strong trade relations with USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Venezuela, CARICOM, Colombia and Europe provide local businesses with easy market access to over 1 billion consumers globally. 
InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago is committed to delivering an excellent standard of service to all potential and existing investors. Through its Sourcing, Facilitation, Marketing and Aftercare teams, we work in partnership with all investors from the beginning of their site selection process straight through to the establishment of business and beyond. The company is equipped with the authority, expertise and key public and private sector relationships to provide investors with services such as enquiry handling, coordination of site visits and navigation through the business regulations and approvals process.
10 Key Reasons to invest in Trinidad & Tobago:
1. Location at the crossroads of the Americas enabling near-shoring advantages.  
The location of the country serves as a gateway to Latin America, the United States and Canada with close proximity to South America and the French-speaking Caribbean.
2. Strategic location as a transhipment hub for exporters
Ideally located as a gateway to expanding markets  in Latin America and a nearshore hub to North America
3. Access to regional and international markets through trade agreements***
Several investment protection mechanisms have been established to guarantee investors a level playing field:
Bilateral Investment Treaties with the UK, Canada, Switzerland, USA, France, Cuba, India, Germany, China, Spain, Mexico and Korea.
Bilateral Investment Treaties with the USA
Allows financial transfers to be made freely into and out of each country
Eases requirements relating to entry, sojourn and employment
4. Low energy costs
One of the lowest energy costs worldwide at US$0.03/kWh
5. Educated and skilled, competitive labour force
A globally competitive environment calls for a highly-skilled, dedicated and productive workforce. In 2014 Trinidad and Tobago had a workforce of approximately 649,100 persons.
6. Access to a highly developed communications infrastructure
Trinidad and Tobago has an extensive network of paved roads and major highways traverse both islands. The country’s advanced public transport system includes a daily water-taxi service linking commuters from the south of Trinidad to the northern capital city. 
7. Access to fiscal incentives
The Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago (GORTT) encourages foreign direct investment in almost all sectors, with specific focus on the non-energy targeted sectors. Generally speaking, there are no restrictions or disincentives to investment. Foreign ownership of companies is permitted and welcomed under the Foreign Investment Act (1990). 
8. 100% ownership of locally-registered private companies
The Foreign Investment Act 1990 makes the following provisions to investors:
Permission to own 100% of the share capital in a private company
Permission to own up to 30% of the share capital of a local public company without a license 
9. Facilitation of real estate purchases
The Foreign Investment Act 1990 makes the following provisions to investors:  
Ownership of 1 acre of land for residential purposes and 5 acres of land for trade/business without a license
10. Access to InvesTT’s Aftercare Services
Through our One Stop Shop (OSS) services, InvesTT provides you with Facilitation and Aftercare Services to assist you throughout the investment decision-making process until the set-up of your operations in Trinidad and Tobago. We continue to provide these services even after you are in operation.