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About Petrotrin

We are an integrated oil and gas company, engaged in the full range of petroleum operations including the exploration for, development of and production of hydrocarbons, and the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of petroleum products. (See our Role in the Energy Sector)

Our position in the energy sector is strengthened by more than 100 years of predecessor experience in crude oil production and manufacturing in this country. (See Our History)

Our organization, Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (Petrotrin) was incorporated on January 21, 1993 to consolidate and operate the petroleum producing, refining and marketing assets of State-owned enterprises: Trinidad and Tobago Oil Company Limited (Trintoc) and Trinidad and Tobago Petroleum Company Limited (Trintopec).  In 2000, these assets were further extended with the acquisition of Trinmar Operations.

As a state-owned Company, Petrotrin is under the direct control of the Minister of Finance acting as Corporation Sole. 

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs is the line ministry that provides the specialized technical analyses and statutory approvals for the Company's operations, while ensuring adherence to the Government's policy guidelines. (See Governance)

Today, we are Trinidad and Tobago’s largest crude oil producers. We also have an interest in some natural gas production. Our operations and partnerships cover most of the island of Trinidad and much of the waters surrounding the island of Tobago.

We operate Trinidad and Tobago’s only petroleum refinery. Our refinery has a full conversion capacity of up to 168,000 bpd and average throughput of approximately 112, 974 bpd. Our petroleum products are sold locally and as well as to customers across the Caribbean, Latin America and the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. (See Our Operations)

We are one of the largest employers in Trinidad and Tobago with a dedicated workforce of more than 5,000 people. Our team is committed to optimizing our energy resources for the benefit of our stakeholders. As such, we are committed to operational excellence, personal accountability and sustainable practices throughout our operations. (See Sustainable Development)

Together, our people, rich history, extensive operations, sustainable practices, long standing relationships and strategic mid-Atlantic location have strengthened customer confidence in our position as a leading supplier of petroleum products.


Our Vision

A high performing energy organisation, that delivers superior results to its shareholders every time, all the time.

We will be a premier fully integrated petroleum-based energy organisation, the preferred supplier in the Caribbean and Latin America, recognised for our responsiveness to our employees, customers, the State and other stakeholders.

We will make Petrotrin innovative, dynamic, viable and efficient; safe in our operations and sensitive to the ecology; driven by customers, competent and empowered people, creative business ideas and appropriate leading technology.

Our Values

People: We respect and trust people and value their ideas, are committed to their development and have the highest regard for human dignity. All officers and employees must adhere to high ethical standards, honesty and integrity in the conduct of our business.

Performance: We strive constantly for professionalism, quality performance and continuous improvements through teamwork and technology, with the goal of providing products or services which meet or exceed the expectations of our stakeholders, at a cost which represents value.

Profit: We strive to create profits since it is the fuel for survival, growth and viability. It keeps us in business, allows us to provide financial returns for our shareholders and meet our obligations to our employers, suppliers, lenders and the State.

Positive Change: We will be open and honest in our communications so as to embrace and leverage on positive change, recognizing that every employee must be allowed to innovate and contribute to our learning organisation.


Petrotrin, as the national petroleum company, operates to optimize the return from its resources for the benefit of its shareholders and the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

 January 21, 1993