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About National Training Agency

The National Training Agency (NTA) was established in 1999 as the central coordinating Agency for all Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Trinidad and Tobago. The Agency is dedicated to creating a workforce that is competent, certified, innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial; promoting sustainable development and economic growth and acts, therefore, as an enabler within the labour.

This 'enabling' responsibility allows the NTA to bridge the needs of stakeholders on both the demand and supply sides of the labour market. The demand sides of the labour market. The demand side of the labour market is represented by an evolving business environment made ever more sophisticated by global technology advancements and is challenged by skill gaps and skills shortages. The supply side of the labour market, however, is faced with the ever constant need to ensure that graduates from training and education providers are able to find and secure sustainable employment.

The NTA, therefore, is committed to contributing to the upskilling of our nation's workforce to meet industry performance requirements, which in turn can impact positively on productivity levels and global competitiveness.

In this regard, the NTA adopts a two-prong approach to meeting the needs of stakeholders. This approach involves facilitating an industry-led skills development system, through the management of a workforce development system. In addition, it supports educators as partners to industry, through Quality Assurance and the development of a TVET of products and services by the Agency, which include: the National Life Skills programme, Labour Market Research, Quality Enhancement, Assurance and Certification system (CVQ in schools), Workforce Assessment Centres (PLAR), the Jobs and Career Coach (JCC),, the National Incubator Council (NIC), Apprenticeship programmes.

The NTA continues to form strategic alliances with Industry, Training Providers, Government, Regional and International Affiliates to ensure that the workforce of Trinidad and Tobago meets the needs of a competitive global environment by producing a knowledgeable, relevant and skilled citizenry, thereby eliminating poverty, reducing, unemployment rates and increasing the productive potential of the population.

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