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About Shipping Solutions & Services Ltd.

Shipping Solutions & Services Ltd (SSSL) has over 30 years' experience as a vessel agency and port agent, in freight handling and logistics. The expertise and knowledge of SSSL span the areas of FCL, LCL and cargo consolidations via air, sea and land, international freight and logistics, port agents and vessel agents, heavy lift vessels (inclusive of jack-ups and semi-submersibles), marine repairs, towage and husbandry.

As a vessel and port agent, SSSL is central to all trades and is responsible for organising, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the port call, from booking berth allocations and services ahead of the vessel’s arrival to finalising the accounts and other paperwork after the vessel has sailed. SSSL is the conduit for all information exchanged between the vessel and the shore. SSSL ensures quality and reliability with vendors, service providers and port operators of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region, so that any action taken and information provided, are correct and appropriate.

SSSL is in the business of building long-term client business relationships by solving near impossible challenges and delivering on promises made. Knowledge, expertise, experience, innovation, customer satisfaction and ingenuity are key to the success of SSSL.