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About Island Finance

Power to the People

Ultimately, everything in business is about people. A company produces a product or performs a service that people consume or use. But the company itself is staffed by people whose responsibility is to produce the product, or deliver the service, that other people need. One can argue that this is stating the obvious.

Where it is not so obvious is how well the people in a company understand the people they serve; how well they understand their unique needs, goals and dreams. Economists describe the people who demand products and services as “the market”. At Island Finance, our people understand the people we serve. We understand that everyone is in a unique financial space and everyone has unique needs. So we developed a product that is relevant to people’s real needs and circumstances. It is a more than just impersonal beings who constitute “the market”.

Our tagline “No down-payment, No collateral, No problem” is a genuine concise description of what we do. We lend to people. We lend to people who need to borrow. We lend to people whose needs we understand.  We understand that onerous collateral requirements and lots of paperwork are not what people want. So we simplified the process to make the borrowing experience easier. People prefer uncomplicated things.

We have also made it easy for us to reach each other. There is a branch close to every community. And you can reach us everywhere else in-between; Facebook, the web, twitter…we are everywhere you are. 



Our mission is to simplify the process of borrowing, for a wide range of consumer purposes, by taking the hassel out of getting a loan. Our unique business model for unsecured loans is captured in our tagline, “No Downpayment, No Collateral, No Problem”.